Untitled by Marissa O

This is a multiple exposure photo.

Whose Choice? by Vianca L.

The idea to project the image of a sonogram onto the stomach of a naked teenage girl first popped into my head in mid-January of this year. It was after a conversation with a friend about the difficult choice of abortion. She had just informed me that she had been having unprotected sex – no form of birth control whatsoever. “Forget the plethora of STDs you’ve probably already contracted… what happens when you get pregnant?” I asked, to which she nonchalantly replied, “Oh, that’s easy. I’ll just get an abortion.” I spent the next half hour desperately trying to convince her that abortions were not that easy. Did she have any idea how heavy her statement was? How could she so carelessly decide what she would do in that sort of situation? The more I thought about it however, the more I realized I could ask myself the same question. Did I have any idea what I would do if I ever got pregnant? No. After much thought however, I came to the conclusion that the one thing I was sure of, was that if I ever did find myself in that situation, I didn’t want someone else making the decision for me. On a topic that is so controversial, and yet so personal, this project was created to stir up questioning in the minds and hearts of other teenage girls like me.

This kid by Madison O

This photo is one of my favorites. I enjoy the contrast and the fact that you can still see some graffiti on the wall. One of the main reasons I like this picture so much is because off all the detail that came out. Also this day is one of my most cherished memories.


Running Thoughts by Mackenzie C.

This is a photograph I took of my best friend at a track meet. I always enjoy taking pictures of people. My favorite thing about photography is the fact that you can capture a specific moment in time and immortalize it.  When I take pictures of people, it is always a particular memory that can never be duplicated or replaced. It will never happen the exact same way twice. Her expression, her clothing, the location, the lighting, is all unique to this one particular moment and therefore it is unique and special. I feel like this picture depicts a story, from the thoughtful look on her face, to the open bag laying in the background, to the fact she is laying in the long grass in the sun. This picture is meaningful to me because the subject is someone I care about and while it took a while for me to develop a good print, I think that this picture has a strong composition, good exposure, and it is one of my favorite pieces that i have produced this year. 


"My Mother" by Dana P

Last summer, my mother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. This photograph was taken after her bilateral mastectomy.

Tulip by Jess L.

This photo took a lot of time and patience to achieve but it is by far my favorite photo I have taken.  I tried so many different angles and compositions and this shot looks exactly the way I imagined it would look.  The process of printing the photo in the dark room was so enjoyable because I loved the negative and wanted to capture the beauty of it in the print.  Overall, I am very pleased with this photo and can't wait to frame it in my house.

Ice by Michael Y.

This is definitely one of my favorite BW film photos, on one of the best rolls I've taken, even though the negatives were bent and broken. It was about early March, and I was taking a hike through the woods near my house until I came to this stream. The stream had thawed out from the ice, but there was still some ice near the edge, so I broke off a chunk and took this picture. Unfortunately, my negatives disappeared, and now I only have this one copy.